The project is located in an exceptional geographical context: the Swiss Alps. The quality of the alpine setting was decisive in shaping the design of this particular water park. The building sits under a green roof that merges subtly with the existing topography. the building is half-buried in the ground to reduce the height of the roof and minimize the impact of the construction on the park and its surroundings.The inside setup is a small artificial rocky valley smoothed and polished by erosion, and through which flows a clear mountain river. It is a reconstruction of a wild and idyllic alpine environment, open to the outside landscape of Crans-Montana, thanks to the building’s generous glass facades.
The design manages in an optimized manner the important flow of users. The upper floor, holds the main desk, a daycare area and the restaurant, all overlooking the central entertainment zone. On the lower level, the main locker room is directly connected to the water area, the fitness and wellness spaces. After going through a foot bath tunnel contained in a cave-like space, the visitors, already in their bathing suits, discover a surreal mountain stream setup. It is the core of the building, where all the activities are widely exposed and very easy to get to.

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