Like in Felix Gonzales Torres’s work, a stack of posters is laid on the stand. They are printed on loose newsprint paper in a Universe 100  x 130 format. The visitors are invited to steal one copy or more if they dare. They will participate to the dissemination of its content. At the end of the show, no one will remain, closing the show on itself. It will have found another life, from wallpaper, wrapping for groceries to sketch paper. Ultimately it will be fully recycled.
A collection of plans are printed on their surface. They are gathered without objective criteria, without consideration of scale, program or chronology. They could be looked at ‘as found’, where they would have eluded their author’s desire of order and classification. They become a map of clues waiting to reveal a story. A new mechanism is put in motion, inducing unexpected connections, unexpected patterns, as an open plan.

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